Come and celebrate everything Engine at the Left Coast Engine Fest! Like any Nuggets event, this conference is built around giving instructors what they need so students get to work hard all day. You will enjoy a balanced instructor : student ratio so you get plenty of hands-on time and a solid group of instructors who are knowledgeable and excited to be a part of this event. We are eager to kick this off and get your feedback so it can be improved for next time. See you in Everett!

Step 1: Attendee Information

Step 2: Do you want to attend the Wednesday lecture?

  • Steve Robertson, Daryl Liggins, Kyle Romagus, Dennis LeGear, Jay Bonnifield, Jonathan Brumley, Cody Trestrail, Ray McCormack, and Aaron Fields.

Step 3: (2-Day) Thursday - Friday Class

Thursday-Friday Waitlist Open

Step 4: Saturday-Sunday Class

*** $100 Discount Auto-Applied When You Register for (4) Single Day Classes ***

Step 5: Thursday Class

Step 6: Friday Class

Step 7: Saturday Class

Step 8: Sunday Class


Step 6: Waiver & Policies

Notification of registration cancellation and refund requests must occur no later than August 13th, 2021. No refund requests are possible after this deadline unless your spot can be filled by someone on a waitlist.

You can transfer your registration to someone else up to three days prior to the event.

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