The First Five Minutes: Water, Search, & Ventilation

The decisions we make in the first five minutes are critical to fire ground operations. Fire attach is a matter of managing available companies and prioritizing how to attack the fire, search the building and ventilate the smoke and heat. These fire ground priorities remain the same regardless of the size of your department. This class uses fire behavior as a foundation to develop a predictability and expectation of fire and smoke travel through a building. Participants will discuss the latest fire behavior research using a “science to the streets mentality.” Using that model we discuss  strategy and tactics in single family houses, apartment buildings and commercial structure fires. We explore the factors that determine where to place our interior attack lines, where and how to search the building and how and where to ventilate by developing a systematic process for making fast and accurate decisions on the fire ground. It is applicable to every rank of firefighter from the newest recruit to the seasoned veteran and every department from large metropolitan to rural.

Every Second Counts

The unprotected civilian and the encapsulated firefighter share the same fire ground enemy time.  With a shared enemy comes a shared solution speed.  This lecture will examine the data-driven impact that time has on victim survival rates, as well as firefighter health.  Through the introduction of scientific management and the “light and fast” approach, we will focus on effective and efficient operations, training, equipment and apparatus spec, and how they all combine to create better chances for THEM and US.

Bryan Lynch Irons & Ladders

Bryan Lynch is a Lieutenant with Colorado Springs Fire Department and the founder of Irons and Ladders LLC.

Ian Bruzenak Irons & Ladders

Ian Bruzenak is a Lieutenant with Colorado Springs Fire Department and a lead instructor for Irons and Ladders LLC.

Ben Shultz Fire By Trade

Ben Shultz is a firefighter/ paramedic with West Palm Beach Fire Department. His 17-year career has taken him from southern California to Colorado to Florida, from rural to suburban to urban districts. He has split his time riding the truck, engine, heavy rescue, squad and medic. In addition to his normal shift duties, Ben has been a member of wildland, dive, swiftwater and technical rescue teams, including FEMA CO-TF1. Ben has been an instructor with Irons & Ladders, When Things Go Bad, Vent Enter Search and Fire By Trade. He has taught for fire departments and conferences across the country including Portland Firemanship, Water On The Fire, HROC, FDIC, multiple Fire Nuggets, MAFFC, Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo and the Orlando Fire Conference. His passion for teaching comes from the desire to improve victim outcomes and to ensure firefighters gain skills and knowledge earlier in their careers that took him far too long to learn.

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